Hidden Gems of the Northern Quarter

It’s a Thursday and I’m sat at my desk, hungover as fuck trying to look busy. So here’s the deal. I’m going to write something for the blog and barely proof read it. Enjoy.

These are the pubs in the Northern Quarter that I think do real ale or a really decent pint for a reasonable price(for the Northern Quarter).

The Lower Turk’s Head


http://www.turksheadhotel.co.uk/ Not much info here but the hotel looks nice.

The Turk’s Head is on the Shudehill side of the NQ and has been done up in the last few years. Does an absolutely excellent pint of Manchester Pale Ale for around £3.50. The two bars are cosy and friendly with lots of seating. It’s a comfy friendly pub with lots of people going in after work. There’s extra seating and a smoking area upstairs. I think they do food too but I’ve never had it. It’s also handy for the Printworks if you’re into that, more my style is that it’s near The Oyster Bar.

The Hare and Hounds


The Hare and Hounds is a recent find for me. I was taken in by my Dad, partially I think for his own amusement, but I like it. It’s a Holts pub so a nice pint of Holt’s Bitter will cost you under £3 or at least 2 pints were under £5. It’s a real regulars pub though everyone seems ok… most of the reviews online say ‘real old fashioned boozer’ and I’d agree with that. It really is a spit and sawdust kind of place.

The Crown and Kettle

crown and kettle

The Crown and Kettle is becoming a regular haunt for me instead of the Castle which has become very busy. It’s just across the road from the Frog and Bucket on Ancoats. It’s a strange place to walk into and has a massive high ceiling which apparently used to be very ornate but has nearly rotted and is covered in netting to stop crumbling plaster falling in your pint.

They always seem to have at least one Osset beer on too which is to be commended. A pint costs around £3 maybe just under and I’ve had a great variety of nice beers in there. Definitely worth dropping in.

The Angel

the angel pub

The Angel is a good solid old pub with open fires and a few real ales. It’s near that massive Co-op Building and Last time I had a pint of Spitting Feathers which is a great pint. he last time I was in some maintenance needed to be done on the ceiling but I’ve been told that’s all be fixed now. It’s slightly off the beaten track though.

The Crown and Anchor


The Crown and Anchor has an interesting mix of tiled outside and hospital chic inside. They have a few good real ales on including Timothy Taylors. There is also a whole room dedicated to a pool table, the staff are friendly and it’s off the beaten track. Well worth a drop in, it’s not the cheapest but you’ll always have a peaceful drink.


Fringe Bar

fringe bar
Directly opposite the Band on the Wall and where I went after a gig. It was excellent, the barman welcomed us in even though we clearly arrived as he was about to start cleaning and shutting up. We had some excellent guest ales and put stuff on the jukebox until it was time to leave.