Barn Dancing and Farmer’s Ale

Well, I was very hungover on Saturday. I had been taken by my girlfriend’s(and long term drinking partner’s) family to what can only be described as a barn dance in Edale in the High Peak.

Now this is not my usual drinking venue but the promise of scenes reminiscent of ‘The Wickerman’ (original) were very appealing. I was already half cut when we arrived having been to many pubs and enjoyed some excellent barrel race ale. The real jewel in the crown was the ‘Farmers’ ale which was on sale for £2.50 a bottle in the venue. ‘The well dressed band’ were playing live music and the attendees were encouraged to get up and dance a few simple steps with the directions of the host. This proved to be highly amusing and much better than I had anticipated especially after a few pints. It was tiring though and I returned to my seat for more beer, it was an entertaining to watch.

I had a few more ales before making my return to the floor at which point the pace had increased to the point of no return and my girlfriend and I found ourselves Unable to keep up with the complex steps. Her grandparents were still going though and we all ended the night thoroughly exhausted but triumphantly dancing gangham style to some traditional Kayleigh music. It was all a blur after that.